Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sub Focus - Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 25.04.09

ARTIST....: Subfocus
TITLE.....: Essential Mix PROPER-SAT-04-24
GENRE.....: Drum & Bass
SOURCE....: Radio
RELDATE...: apr-25-2009
AiRDATE...: apr-25-2009

TRACKS....: 01
LENGTH....: 119:32 min
SIZE......: 128,9 MB


01. Sub Focus - Rock It [RAM]
02. Sub Focus - Juno [RAM]
03. Sub Focus - Timewarp (VIP) [RAM]
04. Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub [VIRUS]
05. Switch - A Bit Patchy (Sub Focus Remix) [DATA]
06. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Remix) [RAM]
07. Deadmau5 - I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) [VIRGIN]
08. Spor - Aztec [SHOGUN]
09. Culture Shock - Machine [RAM]
10. Sub Focus - Follow The Light (Instrumental Mix) [RAM]
11. High Contrast - If We Ever [HOSPITAL]
12. Xample & Lomax - Remember [RAM]
13. Sub Focus - Airplane [RAM]
14. Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (The Upbeats Remix) [VIRUS]
15. Sub Focus - Vapourise [RAM]
16. TC - Space Animals [D-STYLE]
17. Nero - Do You Wanna [VIPER]
18. Chase & Status - Is It Worth It (VIP) [RAM]
19. Sub Focus - Deep Space [RAM]
20. Hazard - Taktix [Playaz]
21. Dirtyphonics - V&als [AUDIO PORN]
22. Noisia - Alpha Centauri [VISION]
23. Touche - Vampires [SOUTHERN FRIED]
24. TC - Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix / Jack Beats Re-Edit) [D-STYLE]
25. Sub Focus - X-Ray (Tittsworth Bmore Mix) [N/A]
26. Sub Focus - X-Ray [RAM]
27. Chase & Status - Pieces [RAM]
28. Original Sin - Dr Feels Good [PLAYAZ]
29. Ram Trilogy - Screamer (VIP) [RAM]
30. Sub Focus - Triple X [RAM]
31. Culture Shock - Bad Red [RAM]
32. Brookes Bros - Last Night [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
33. Sub Focus & TC - Borrowed Time (VIP) [D-Style]
34. Chase & Status - Mad House [DUBTRADE]
35. Bjork - Nattura (Switch Remix) [ONE LITTLE INDIAN]
36. Breakage - Together [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
37. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix) [POLYDOR]
38. D-Bridge - Wonder Where [NON-PLUS]
39. Origin Unknown - Truly One (Remix) [RAM]
40. Klute - Hell Hath No Fury [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
41. Culture Shock & Furlonge - Surprise [RAM]
42. Logistics - Girl From Mars [HOSPITAL]
43. Interface - Get Lo [AUDIO ZOO]
44. Ram Trilogy - Gridlock (Break Remix) [RAM]
45. Moving Fusion - Turbulence [RAM]
46. Sigma - El Presidente (VIP) [LIFE]
47. Fresh - Talkbox [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
48. Pendulum - Ransom [N/A]
49. Break - The Truth [SYMMETRY]
50. Lomax - Artisan (VIP) [RAM]
51. Noisia - My World [RAM]
52. Phace - Cold Champagne [NEO SIGNAL]
53. Fresh - Heavyweight [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
54. Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix) [XL]
55. Fresh - Signal [RAM]
56. MGMT - Time To Pretend (High Contrast Remix) [N/A]
57. Break - Evil Twin [SYMMETRY]
58. Sub Focus - Let The Story Begin [RAM]
59. Bad Company - Oxygen (Drilla Killa) [BC]

Sub Focus - Essential Mix
Sub Focus - Essential Mix link2

thx to dubsteplad


Anonymous said...

aaaaaamazing thnks!

Anonymous said...

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